Posts from July 2016

David Hirsch

Judas In The House

Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to the hearts of the American people the level of treachery and deceit that is active in our country, and, around the world. This week’s political language, behavior, email revelations, and so on, demonstrate “again” how pride, greed, betrayal, selfishness, and unbridled ambition carry much more weight in their…

Family arguments

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/23/16

  Family Problems! The truth is, everyone has family problems. Some are quite difficult, to say the least, and – they’re real. God understands family problems. Think of Adam and Eve, and their children Cain and Able – that definitely qualifies as a family with major issues. Disobedience for authority, disrespect, and a taking for…