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During an ancient wedding in a town called Cana, a desperate situation came up in the life of the family. They needed a miracle. A woman named Mary was there and she told her Son about the family’s need. Amazingly enough, when He heard about the situation, He performed a miracle – and the family’s need was met.

Of course Mary’s Son, was Jesus. Do you have a need in your family that you cannot meet, and you don’t know where to turn?

There is a tremendous amount of choices and resources that we have available to us in this world as it pertains to counseling, intervention, psychology, etc. But multitudes of families and people have learned that some issues just simply require divine help and intervention. It is not that any of these other resources lack the ability to help in certain circumstances, because they can. But when it comes to certain heavy, continuing, unchanging, hurtful, and even destructive situations and circumstances – only the power of God can break those chains.

In the Miracle at the wedding in Cana, [see John 2:1-11], Jesus turned the water into wine. What we see in this, is the awesome power of God taking something, and turning into a completely different thing. But we also see the Lord’s desire and willingness to attend, and step into, the life of a family. You can be sure who ever invited him to this wonderful family centered, joyful occasion was extremely thankful and happy that he did – to say the least. Like many families and relationships, some things start out joyful, but eventually begin moving toward, or end up in difficulty. Because Jesus was “invited in” – a very necessary miracle was released. It saved the family from many things, not the least being embarrassment and humiliation. In the ancient culture, this was a huge save for this family.

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This is the key. The willingness to “invite Jesus in” to your heart, life and family. Whatever the need may be, only God has the power to take one thing, and change it into a completely different thing. Do what Mary did, bring that need to the only source that can release a miracle in your life.  Her Son’s name – is Jesus.


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