David Hirsch

Judas In The House

Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to the hearts of the American people the level of treachery and deceit that is active in our country, and, around the world.

This week’s political language, behavior, email revelations, and so on, demonstrate “again” how pride, greed, betrayal, selfishness, and unbridled ambition carry much more weight in their assessment of what is important than any commitment or promise made – to anyone. And these people desire to run and govern the United States of America?! Not to mention they are the architects and advocates of the culture of death.

The horror and expression of Judas has entered the bloodstream of America. Our system is infected, polluted, and traumatized by the brilliance of a fallen enemy who wages war against all that is good and all that is holy.

If your vote was a kiss? Think about it.

Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God – died, resurrected, and coming again! No political agenda, voice, or trickery will ever overtake or overwhelm the eternal power and will of God.

Our God – is God, and the pure, divine, perfect, sacred, shed blood of our Savior Jesus – has defeated the strategies and schemes of the enemy of our faith!



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