“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/28/16


Have you ever had a day when you just had to get certain things done? So you think it all through, putting together a seemingly perfect plan of action. This is going to be that day, that all the things that just really needed to get done, are finally going to get done. But all of a sudden, a phone call with a problem, an email with extra work, the dog is missing, next thing you know, the plan is shot.

Without doubt – these kinds of interruptions can be stressful. But instead of getting upset– Perhaps you would be willing to accept these changes – as coming from God. There’s a beautiful Psalm that says: “O Lord, my times – are in Your hand.” I have learned over these many years that in all genuine reality, my time, really belongs – to God. Check out this very sobering scripture, and don’t feel trapped by it, because it is one of the most promising and liberating scriptures in the entire word of God.

‘Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.’ [Proverbs 19:21}

It is essential that we finally recognize that God just powerfully loves us, and wants our lives to go well for us. When we allow Him entrance into the decisions and directions of our lives, we very quickly realize that there has been, nor will there ever be, a better way. He leads and guides us in the way that we “should” go, not the way that our emotions or limited perspectives tell us to go. It’s not that He has us on a leash making us “heel” beside him – it is that He “frees” us from the leash, so we no longer have to crawl in submission to the tempo and tune of this world.

Come what may – When your time belongs to God – God’s peace and blessing will always bless, adorn, and maximize the full potential of your time. He is God. A good friend of mine loves to say, “Let God be God in your life.” If you will – He will! And we need that more than anything else in the entire world. Amen!

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