“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/27/16


There’s a picture in an old Church where a man – plowing a field – takes a little time away from his plow – to pray. In the picture, you see that while the man is praying – an angel is now on the plow, plowing the field for him.

The artist was expressing the truth that no time is ever lost when we take the time to pray. It really is quite extraordinary how we are able to expend so much time and energy on the daily cares of this life, yet neglect the power of prayer that strengthens, blesses, and makes right, all that is right for us ‘in’ this life. Only through prayer can our lives, work, dreams and hopes be truly expressed and experienced in the fullness of that which God intended.

It is true, we can plow a field in our own strength and get much accomplished. But it will always be limited by the reality that we are only human. However, through prayer, we now step into the supernatural reality and resources of almighty God, and find that He is able to infinitely multiply our efforts, far above and beyond our abilities, capabilities, and expectations.

God delights in letting us know that, as we take time ‘for Him’, and ‘with Him’, He multiplies that time in the realm of miracles, favor, and blessings back to us – ‘for us’.

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God is love, and He loves to hear from us, spend time with us, and fellowship with us. After all, this is why He created us. Think of it, He is God. He didn’t need the earth or it’s beauty and resources to be completely perfect, contented and complete within Himself. He created it all for us! Therefore, it is His good pleasure to provide for us all that we would ‘ever’ need to live lives that experience and walk in that unending truth!

It can be said in a million different ways, but we must simply take a little time away from the busyness of work and utilize that time to pray. As a result, your day, your heart, your life – and your work – will thrive and be better than ever before!


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