Family arguments

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/23/16


Family Problems! The truth is, everyone has family problems. Some are quite difficult, to say the least, and – they’re real.

God understands family problems. Think of Adam and Eve, and their children Cain and Able – that definitely qualifies as a family with major issues. Disobedience for authority, disrespect, and a taking for granted of the blessings, just to name a few, even jealousy leading to murder.

But God did not leave them alone in their problems, and He doesn’t leave us alone either.

The mistake we make is leaving God out of our family issues Click To Tweet

The mistake we make is leaving God out of our family issues. God is the perfect, loving, and ever available heavenly Father. His unconquerable power and love flowing through the power of prayer is the greatest help we will ever have to change people, us, situations – and – heal broken, damaged and hurting hearts.

Family issues are complex and difficult in so many ways, so let’s keep this message simple. Talk to God today – about your family.


  1. I totally believe in Jesus” the word” of God and the Holy Spirit within Christian’s hearts.
    It is terrible that they took God out of schools and many other things.Our “Founding Fathers ” based most everything on God.I think that is why America has always been a great nation.
    I am Canadian born.Worked years as an R.N. In the U.S.
    Have lived 3 months in a kibbutz in Israel in the mid seventies.It was beautiful!
    I feel so alone right now.Thank you for following me .My only other problem with police was a parking ticket
    My iPhone has been hacked.I hope to be able to stay in touch.
    Your wife is beautiful.You can see that beauty is inside her as well.
    Please pray for me and my family.
    I am little.Nick name is Bitsy.
    However lost a lot of weight due to move and health problems.
    Thank you

    • David Hirsch (Author)

      Hello Ann. Thanks for sharing and all your comments. We appreciate it very much and we will keep in prayer ‘all’ you mentioned. God bless you (DH)

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