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Let’s go Fishing! Sounds great right! Fresh water – salt water – count me in!

One thing about fishing, especially for those who love it, is the old saying: “A bad day fishing is better than a good day working.” Being in a relationship with God, is even better. Each day you can take time with Him and cast into the quiet waters of His perfect love, quietness of spirit and surroundings, and gain genuine insight, truth, and peace of mind.

There is something quite unique about the fact that Jesus chose fishermen to be among His first disciples. Fishermen desire to step out of the cares, and push out from the shores of the daily chaos and noises of this life. They are not “abandoning” their responsibilities, but they are embracing something that powerfully contributes to their ability to tap into what is truly real, as opposed to what the world tries to force us to believe is real.

There is also the tying together of the natural world that we see, with the hidden world that we do not see – and how through faith and patience, there is an experience that only a fisherman could ever comprehend. Faith and patience are two very powerful words with God. And with a fisherman, they no doubt are always having to be both present, and working together.

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“Then you will not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” [Hebrews 6:12]

God has promised us everything we will ever need for joy, peace, and victory in this life, and in the life to come. He delights to see those who are willing to derive the full benefit of His promises. Perhaps this is why fishermen were among the first disciples. They already had within their character that which was necessary to trust and experience God in both the seen and the unseen realities of this life.

God invented fishing! When He came to earth as Jesus, He went fishing and loved hanging out with those who loved to fish. They truly experienced God in their lifetime. For us today, we can cast into the miraculous of that same experience every day of our lives. The only license or bait required is a desire to do it – and best of all – and I know my fishing friends will understand this – You never – ever – get skunked!

How about a spiritual fishing story? We would love to hear it.


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