“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/4/17

Well the Spring time is here. All the amazing colors begin to bloom, the sweet fragrance of flowers permeates the air, and new life begins to show itself everywhere.

This is what Jesus meant when He spoke about making all things new in our lives. We come out of the old gray winter season of our lives, and begin to live in the spring of a new life, with fresh hope, and a brand new future. This is good and life changing news, to all those who realize that they have been stuck in a proverbial winter time in their lives. For many reasons, the dark clouds of despair, gloom, or heavy discontentment have settled in hard upon their lives. Some through loneliness, others through relationship difficulties, financial hardships, the death of a loved one, while some would say for no apparent reason at all, just to name a few. No matter what the season, or the time of day, or the many methods they embrace looking for change, the sunshine of hope and joy never seem to breakthrough.

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And then the day comes when they are finally exposed to the penetrating love of the gospel. This is one of the main reasons the gospel is called the good news. The power of God and all He did for us at the Cross brings us to the realization that all the darkness in this life, and its effect on us, was obliterated by the pure and perfect light of His Son, Jesus. We finally come to know that we no longer have to seek relief from the things of this world, or stay bound because of them. The twists and turns of the maze can no longer apply themselves to our lives, because Jesus does far more than ‘show us the way out’, He absolutely ‘lifts us out’, and puts our feet on a completely new path filled with His divine strength, wisdom, and holy love. We also learn that it comes to us, not though some new or difficult work or mental labor that we have to do, but by simply believing that Jesus already did the work – for all of us. Just simply believe!

The great beauty of this truth brings us to a place that this world could never give us, and this world can never take it away. In a wonderful and everlasting way, with God – Spring – is all year long, and ultimately – forever!


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