“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/5/17

Have you ever received a letter from someone you really love or admire? You’re so excited about it, so you find a quiet place to read it. Once you read it through, you read it over and over again. Why? Because of the affection you have for that person. Either through a long term relationship, or perhaps someone you have great respect and admiration for, and your just amazed to hear from them. And of course, so many other great reasons to be so endeared to that letter.

If we feel that way about an earthly letter, wouldn’t it make sense to also read God’s letter to us, knowing that His love for us is perfect, unfailing, and Eternal? The amazing dynamic found between the letters of God’s letter, His word to us, is that all of it is designed for our current, eventual and eternal well being. Just as in the letter from a friend or loved one, the greater blessing in this letter, is that it comes from the greatest friend and loved one any of us could ever have. Within this personal letter is perfect Love, perfect wisdom, perfect guidance, and perfect peace– from God – to us!

I have often thought about the way we write, text, or email each other. Do we write with the hope that our heart will reflect the same love and desire for the other person’s heart to be touched, blessed, comforted, and made joyful? Or do we quickly let our fingers do the talking, without taking the time to ensure that it is not just another flat grouping of words. Now I know every correspondence will not be dripping with honey and roses, but even business and normal back and forth ought to take into consideration the dignity of the other person’s humanity. If not, we are risking being absorbed into a world where short quick quips define, or worse, misrepresent our hearts. Not to mention, the tremendous disrespect and disregard for the great worth of a fellow human being.

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The more we read God’s Holy Letter to us, [The Bible], the more we realize that words, no matter how they are transferred or shared, are important, no matter what the reason for that transfer is. God teaches us the profound dignity of life and tells us to “Choose it.” It is just simply right to take the time to think about and care about how we are being perceived, and, or, received. Think about it!


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