“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/3/17

The weather forecast: Isn’t it amazing how we can listen to a weather report and get a pretty good idea of the upcoming weather? Well, most of the time, they don’t always get it right. Many have been caught in weather that they certainly were not expecting. But God, who created the the earth, and the weather, ‘Never’ gets it wrong. And His word does far more than forecast the weather.

Many today are gathered around the headlines and events dripping with the blood of violence. It’s real and it is sadly and tragically actually happening. They all inwardly know that something is wrong, and that something very heavy is looming on the horizon. Some choose to ignore it, while others hide in everything from the daily grind, to drug, alcohol, etc. Amazingly enough, many even seek answers through horoscopes, palm readers, psychic readings, and various forms of witchcraft. But with and through all of these things, their inner fear and that horrible inward abiding of woe, intensifies within themselves. Not to mention, these things actually bring intensified problems right in to their own lives and homes.

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God teaches us through His word that events would take place upon the earth that would be unparalleled in human history. And, for those who take the time to look to God’s word, they find that every single thing that God has forecasted would happen, ‘is happening’ in vivid detail – with more on the way. Unlike all of the other things that people turn to for answers, (or for hiding), which only brings more fear and uncertainty, God’s word, relieves them from the fear and stress produced by these events, and replaces it with Perfect Love and Perfect Peace.

‘There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear..’ [1 John 4:18]

‘And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’ [Philippians 4:7]

You don’t have to get caught in the unexpected weather of either the current, or future world events. Go to God’s word every day, and get a 100% accurate forecast – on everything!

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