“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/2/17

Have you ever gone out on a limb for someone, only to have the branch break off, and down you went? That never happens in a relationship with God. He does ask us to take a step in faith – but here’s the difference – there are no branches on His tree that will ever break.

One of the main reasons is – HE, is the Tree of life.

There are so many reasons why the limbs of our lives, that we find ourselves ‘out on’ in behalf of others, begin to crumble, deteriorate, and eventually come crashing down. And it is quite difficult to invest such time, sweat, love, resources, trust, and personal affection in behalf of others, only to find you are being either taken advantage of, or, the person is not appreciating, or responding with dignity to that which you are expending on their behalf. In times like this we need to take some time and evaluate where we are at, and how we should proceed.

Many times we ‘go out on a limb’ for others, only to find we are not operating according to God’s heart. Click To Tweet

But of the utmost importance is to recognize that our time is valuable. God wants our time to be spent wisely and in response and trusting obedience to His will, not our own. Many times, we go ‘out on a limb’ for others, only to find that we were not operating according to God’s heart – and discover we may be enabling, assisting, or even financing improper and potentially destructive behavior. So then, we find ourselves on a limb God never called us to, or placed us on. We did it on our own, and as a result, we then reap the consequences of our own, and at times, unwise efforts.

Now of course, God wants us to help, bless, love, and assist other people – always! But it must be done according to His wisdom and leading. When this is the case, we see the blessing and development of fruitfulness and productivity. Relationships are strengthened, and the limbs are now simply sections of time well spent on the path of righteousness.

Then there are those times, as mentioned earlier, that God asks us to take a step in faith. It may be for something we need in our own lives, or in behalf of someone else. These are moments when it does in fact feel like we are going ‘out on a limb.’ But the truth is, we could not be standing on a more solid and steadfast foundation. Is it possible that we will make mistakes, or veer off course a bit? YES! But when this happens, even if we lose our balance and begin to fall, He assures us that He will be right there to catch us.

We want to move by faith in God, and move by faith in God for others. But this is the key. Instead of ‘taking chances’ based on our emotions, or feelings, we are now moving by the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, who guides us into truth – not disappointment, disaster, or failure.


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