“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/1/17

It’s April Fool’s day – I hope you’re not fooled by anything too heavy or drastic today. I’m sure all around America today, from the school yard to the office, etc., someone, somewhere is going to pull an April Fool’s joke or prank. But other than just good (totally harmless) fun, in real life, it’s not real fun to be fooled by anyone, or anything. In real life – every moment counts and every decision matters.

April Fool’s day is based on the premise that you tell someone something completely untrue, completely off the wall, and even over the top bizarre, but it is so familiar or close to home in the person’s life, they are massively taken aback and blown away by what is said. Apparently, the ‘fun’ in the endeavor is to watch the person deal with the effects and aftermath of being totally fooled. Once they get to the point of being overwhelmed, or even struggling with the false scenario, they are finally let off the hook by speaking the term ‘April Fool’s.’

However, when it come to real life, we can’t afford to be fooled – by anything. It seems that in every aspect and segment of society, including even religion, people are being targeted by some form of manipulation and misinformation. The agenda is normally the lust for profit, power, or obtaining and maintaining an edge is some form or fashion. Either way, none of it speaks of sincerity, decency, or genuinely caring about the well being of another person. Like in the ‘April Fool’s’ joke scenario, it doesn’t matter how you are affected, as long as they have their fun or satisfy their motive or agenda, at your expense.

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From beginning to end – From top to bottom, before time began, and long after time ends and eternity begins, God has never fooled us about anything, and He never will. All His words – are true! His entire agenda is perfect love, poured out daily for our well being. In fact, amazingly enough, the scriptures declare:

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”’ Psalms 14:1

The enemy of God, humanity and faith, Satan, continues to play the greatest April Fool’s charade on people. Through cunning and diabolical deception, and a vast array of cleverly crafted scenarios, he subtlety suggests that there is no God. The difference is, with him, once you are ensnared by the lie, he never cries “April Fool’s’, he just turns you ‘into’ the fool, and has no problem keeping you there the rest of your life. The aftermath of that charade is not a pretty one.

Don’t get fooled by the devil! Be it April 1st, or any day of the year, throughout all of life, Every day – Trust God.


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