“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 10/30/16

Sadly, many people are walking away from religion, feeling it was inadequate to meet their needs, or, blaming religion for the woes and problems of the world.

The truth will only be found and experienced, when we separate religion, from a genuine relationship with God. Not based on man-made traditions, but upon the unchanging truth of God’s Word.

God’s Word clarifies the error of man-made religion and tradition. Click To Tweet

This is why Jesus died on the cross. The forgiveness of sin gives us access to God. As a result, we are no longer outside looking in, we now have a seat at the table.

O taste and see that the Lord is good.  [Psalm 34:8]

God’s word clarifies the error of man-made religion. No one has to go one more day, hour, or minute subjected to the limitations and errors of that which has a religious tone, but never accurately played the song. Ask God to bring you out of the limited realm of earthly approaches to spiritual issues, into the heavenly reality of His presence and truth. It is the greatest decision you will ever make in your life because it will lead you to “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Is there any other way to live? Of course not!!



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