The Key of David...CD release soon!

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 10/31/16

As you know, my band The Key of David is about to release a new album called, “A Different Dream”. Stay tuned to for more information.

In fact, the music you hear behind my voice each day on our morning radio message, is from the title track.

There’s a song called “Bring it to Me” that speaks of a desperate and hurting man crying out to see if anyone can understand his pain, loneliness, deep sorrow, and suffering – and not only understand – but actually help him.

Whatever you're going through, even now, bring it to Jesus. Click To Tweet

Jesus responds by saying, “My child you’re not alone, I suffered long ago so you can bring it to Me.”

Whatever you’re going through, even now, bring it to Jesus!



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