Farm hillside

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 10/22/16

Have you ever thought about material possessions? Who owns them anyway?

A wealthy farmer invited his minister to his farm. He took him to the top of the hill and waived his hand over the landscape. He said: “Pastor, you recently said in a sermon that no-one really owns anything, that it all belongs to God. If I don’t own these acres, who does?”

The Pastor thought for a moment and said – “Ask me in a hundred years.” The farmer immediately understood.

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On that beautiful hillside created by the living God, this farmer learned a most valuable lesson. This life is but a vapor. Only pride leads us to believe that we really “own” anything. God has entrusted us with all we have in order to make good use of it for the benefit of others, and the glory of God. Be a good steward of what God has placed in your hand.

Always try to remember –

“The Earth is the Lords and everything in it.” [Psalm 24:1]




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