The El Cortez Hotel

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 10/23/16

Years ago a famous hotel had only one elevator that could not accommodate all of its guests. They called in architects who said a new hole would have to be made from the basement to the roof, which would shut the hotel down for an entire season.

A room cleaner overheard the discussion and said. “Why not build it on the outside?” This hotel became the first in history, with an elevator built on the outside.

Your job, education, or position in life, will never limit the miraculous operating in your life. Everything changes, when you let the wisdom of God flow through you.

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One of the most powerful testimonies of healing, conversion, and transformation in the entire Bible occurs in the life a man called Naaman. The entire story can be read in 2nd Kings 5. It has to do with a man who, although he was a mighty commander of an army, he was also a leper. With all the power, wealth, treatment and connections he had at his disposal, he remained a leper. It was not until a little servant girl who worked for his wife, told him about the Prophet Elisha, that things began to change. Naaman went to Israel to see Elisha, and he was fully healed in body, heart, mind and soul – all because a young girl who was a servant in the household, let God use her to make a difference.

God gives grace, to the humble.




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