Man kneeling in prayer.

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/15/16


Recently my 7-year-old Grandson said: “God has ears, He is alive.” Wow! What a powerful statement coming from a 7-year-old.  And it speaks volumes to the masses of people wondering if anyone – is listening?

So many people feel blocked out, locked out, ignored, even invisible, because they feel that no one is listening to them. They have real questions, real troubles, and real concerns. With all the things that could be offered to help, it could never be said better than this:

“God has ears – and He is alive.”

The question is not so much, is anyone listening, but who is listening. Click To Tweet

Another reality to consider, is even when people are listening to us, does it matter? Today, politicians tell us: “I hear you.” Yet, when they are given the power, they act and operate as if they never even heard a single thing. And on and on that list goes!

The question is not so much, is anyone listening, but who is listening. And there is no one in my life, family, ministry, and future that I both want and need to be listening, than God. Not so I can place my own demands on Him, but that I can share my heart with Him, ask Him questions, confess my doubts, pray for my loved ones, friends, our nation and brethren around the world, etc.

How wonderful it is to know that God not only hears us, but He answers with perfect love, timing, and wisdom, that will always be for our very best.

Talk to Him today, you can be sure – He’s listening.


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