“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/16/16


Many people rely on GPS systems to get them to places they’ve never been before. Some still love to study maps and plan their routes before taking a trip. There’s one journey, however – that neither satellites, nor maps can accurately assist us with – and that’s the journey – of life.

Life’s journey – will encounter many detours, construction zones, traffic jams, road hazards and so on. And even the best GPS – still – gets people lost. The great singer, song writer Larry Norman said: “Sometimes I think that we’ve advanced, but then I look at where we are.” One of the answers to that question is that many are still – lost.

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Each day, life has a way of introducing the unexpected. As organized as we try to be, and as perfectly as we may enter the address of our destination on our latest tech gadgets, the truth is, the fact of “one new road” will throw us off course.

When it comes to the journey of life, we all recognize that we need something far greater than things that promise results, yet fail over the slightest change in circumstances. Who better to navigate us through life, then the Creator of life? Not only is God the Creator of life – but He is also Unchanging. He never alters course, never loses power, and is never taken by surprise, or caught by “sudden unexpected events”. And among all the absolutes that are contained within Him, is the fact that the road to life, blessing, freedom, and victory NEVER changes. And the name of that road – is Jesus Christ.

Let’s face it, we all know that in life, it is vital that you reach the “right” destination. This is of even greater truth in death. In the much bigger reality and inevitabilities of these issues – The perfect GPS – is God’s Positioning System.


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