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“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 12-30-16

There is a saying, “Beware the open door.” In many cases, that’s a very good idea! Not every door that opens for us is a blessing. Many lives have been courted into desperation, ruin, even destruction, for going through the wrong doors. These doors may promise success or satisfaction at some level, but once the threshold is crossed, there is nothing but failure, disappointment, and regret.

With so many choices and so many invitations on the other side of the doors of life, to ‘come in’ and sample or experience what they have to offer – how do we determine which ones are right for us? Here is the answer. The surest way to know that you are walking through a door that leads to blessing, and all that is right for you, and your family and future, is to walk through the doors that God is opening for you. God said in His word that He holds a special, supernatural, and powerful key, which opens doors for us – (See Revelation 3). You can be sure if God is opening a door, that’s the perfect door to walk through. And when God opens a door for you, no one and nothing could ever shut it!

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God speaks to us about the different doors that appear on the scenes of life. There are those that lead to destruction and death, and those that lead to blessing and life. In God’s word, He clearly and lovingly warns, and teaches, of the doors that ‘sink down to death, and lead to the dead’ (See Proverbs 2:13-22). As well as the beautiful and eternal truth of the ultimate door: Jesus said: “I am the door of the sheep…who ever enters through Me will be saved.” (See John 10:7-9). Wow, what a stark and obvious difference, there are doors that lead to death, and there is the ultimate and perfect door that leads to life and Salvation.

Ask God today, to open up the perfect door – for you. It may be the right job, a relationship, coaching a team to bless young people, a place of Ministry within your Church, even a promotion at work. One thing is for sure, when you walk through the doors that God is opening, it is a blessing filled with life and an amazing opportunity that He has prepared – just for you! When your walking with God, He will see to it that you walk through only those doors that are according to His will and wonderful plan and purpose for your life.

We would love to hear a testimony of how God opened up a door of blessing in your life. Feel free to post a comment and bless and inspire others with your experience.


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