Pressure Gauge

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 11/1/16


I recently had my deck pressure washed, and I couldn’t believe the difference in how great it looked. I also noticed the way in which it was being done. The gentleman who was doing the work had a very careful and even approach, so as not to scar the wood.

Pressure can either make or break you. It all depends on how the pressure is being applied.

The pressure of this world will easily scar up your heart and your life. But the pressure of God’s love, and His word, will beautify your life, and carefully take away the grime that has built up over the years. The world will try to convince you that God and faith is a pressure you don’t need, or require, while completely oblivious to the years of grime and pollution that have built up upon their hearts.

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Turning to God is simply looking at the condition of your deck, and deciding to finally do something about it. My family came over to the house after the work was done, and said, “Wow, it looks absolutely brand new!”

This is exactly what happened in my own life – and it can happen to yours as well.



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