Mountains in Ireland

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 9/14/16

Keep climbing.

Recently, while on a trip to Ireland, I climbed up the Slieve League cliffs. I fell twice on the way up – and – I got hurt when I fell. But I wanted to reach the top of that mountain with all my heart. So I got up, kept praying and kept climbing.

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Eventually, it paid off. I was standing atop one of the greatest views in all of Europe. As I looked out over the splendor of God’s creation, and the power of the ocean crashing against the cliffs, I couldn’t help but shout, sing, and praise God. Suddenly, the pain I had been feeling from the fall was no longer evident. In fact, I wasn’t aware of it in any way. The overwhelming blessing of God’s presence combined with the joy of reaching the top was the greatest healing agent that could have ever been applied.

We all fall on the climb – and, many times it hurts. But if you want to reach the top, don’t camp out in the fall, or in the pain. There is always healing and victory just ahead. The key – is to pray – and keep on climbing.

God was with me in the climb. God was with me in the fall. God was with me at the top. And God guided me safely back down that mountain to my wife, family, and future in Him.






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