1. Hello Leonard, thanks and God bless you! We had a lot of fun making that particular video up in Niagara Falls. One of the wonderful things about Faith in God, is the fact that we can begin fresh this very day. ‘Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.’

  2. I always find it amusing, often in a dark way, how shocked, offended, and angry people are when human made things fail, buildings, medicine, devices, etc… things they believed couldn’t fail, but so many of those same people question the faith of those who in believe in God & all He created!
    Man’s dams will fail, it’s inevitable, God’s river will always do just what it’s supposed to, just one example out of the infinite.
    Thank you for this post, a lovely reminder to have faith in God in everything we do…I don’t pray to a stop light when I cross a busy intersection that I’ll get across intact!

  3. Hello Heather, you’re welcome & thank ‘you’ for your comments, and for visiting GodsLoveNeverFails.com. I hope we will be seeing more of your comments and participation in the future. Good word on God’s river….

    • Hello Isabelle. Sorry it took me so long to see this. Thank you so much for your kind words about the website. We love it too! I hope you are doing well, and the CD is just weeks away from being packaged and shipped. let’s stay in touch. Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

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