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Friendship!  Is it defined in the dictionary or is it better defined in real life? How do we measure Friendship? Out of all the things we experience in human life, one of the most joyful, and blessed and yet trying and difficult areas is certainly the principle of friendship. It is extraordinarily amazing how many good, loving and decent people, after many years of life, can only truly claim and point to, very few, true, loving, and genuine friends. The term friendship begs the question, what is a true friend?

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There are those fair-weather friends, always there in the good times, but somehow mysteriously disappear when things get tough. I’m pretty sure that’s not how we define friendship. Then there are those who have motives for friendship. Not necessarily based on a true love for you, but a friendship out of necessity, and/or convenience. As long as your life, or business, or dream, or vision, can somehow contribute to their lives, positionally, financially, socially, etc., there they are. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. It is certainly a blessing to be able to provide, through love, wisdom, and dignity these things, and much more for others. And you do it as unto the Lord, giving Him glory, knowing that only His love and grace has given you the opportunity and privilege to be a blessing.

Sadly, however, you are then hit with the reality that as soon as things don’t go their way, or how they feel things should go to benefit their emotions or their agenda – suddenly – they disappear. I’m also sure that is not what God had in mind for true friendship.

Then there are those friends who are truly according to the heart, love, and faithfulness of God. They are with you in the good times, and in the hard times. Their wholehearted desire is to be in a relationship with you that not only expresses the heart of God for you – but they also love demonstrating that heart toward you. They truly care about you, are always truthful with you, want to see God’s very best for you, and place your interests and needs even above their own. And how and why can you recognize this? Because that is exactly how you are and feel toward them. I am very sure that is how God designed the principle of friendship.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” [Jesus speaking: Matthew 7:12]

Jesus takes friendship very seriously. In His own words He speaks of those who are true friends, and those who are lukewarm. He speaks of those who are completely with Him, or completely against Him. And, He speaks of those of whom He considers to be – “His” friends. [see John 15:9-17].

Friends come in many expressions. Time reveals all things. One thing’s for sure – Jesus is the true friend, He has no motive other than love – and He gets even closer in the hard times. He’s the Friend that sticks closer than a brother!

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