Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 8/29/16


Life is a collection of moments, and this moment – matters. It’s much more than driving to work, cooking breakfast, preparing the kids for school, or a million things. It’s the moment that we’re alive, and breathing the breath of life! And this moment, is what you make it. It doesn’t have to come and go, without your say so. It can bless you, and it can bless others. Or, it can produce harm and even irreparable damage. It’s as important as the greatest timeframe in your life.

The power of the moment is almost impossible to comprehend. Lives, families, and futures are built upon the power of the moment. Fortunes are made and lost within the power of the moment. In fact, the direction, strength and solidity of everything is determined in the power of the moment. How can a moment have such impact on human life? Because within each moment, a decision is made. And that decision determines whether or not the next moment is being built upon a sure foundation or not.

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In a moment, an individual decides whether or not he will obey, or break a law. Check the stats on how many people have died because someone decided to run the red light. In a moment, an individual decides to say yes, or no, to the temptation of drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex outside of marriage. etc. Check the stats on lives, families, fortunes and futures that have been broken, destroyed, and lost, based upon the power of that moment. And so much more. We tend to minimize the power and importance of a single moment, but to do that is to minimize the power of the single brick or block that is strategically placed within a structure, wall or foundation. Take away that one part, and the rest is weakened, or worse, can eventually crumble.

God sees, cares about, and walks beside us, not just through our lives, but through each and every moment of our lives. In the moment of decision, He is there. In the moment of temptation, He is there. Many have needed years of reparation because of not seeing and allowing Jesus to be the Lord of the moment. Life is short – moments are shorter. And each moment is that moment that so powerfully leads to, and determines the strength, or weakness, of the next one. Without God in the moments, the hours, weeks, months, and years will be wasted. Ask Him for the wisdom to make each moment count in a really big way.

Each moment adds up. And each moment leads to something. Moses prayed: “Teach us to number our days O Lord.’ He knew the importance of moments. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Prayed, “Nevertheless, Your will be done, not Mine.” That was one of the most important moments in human history!

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