Never give up

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 8/28/16


Have you ever heard of the saying, “Never say never?” Well, I’m not so sure about this statement.

In many instances, I like the word never. For example – Never give up – Never stop serving – Never stop giving – Never stop loving – Never stop helping – Never stop learning – Never stop dreaming – Never stop playing – Never stop forgiving – Never stop smiling – Never stop praying & never stop believing – just to name a few!

Never say never? Well, maybe this once – NEVER stop doing all of those things.

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There are of course many lessons we learn in life that teach us quite explicitly where the “nevers” of this life need to be applied. Mostly all of us have a firm list of “nevers” that have been forged throughout the years. But these “nevers” are those which have been based on learning, (and oftentimes the hard way) the mistakes in life that not only hurt ourselves but also have the potential to hurt others. These are definitely “nevers” – to “never” do again.

With the same conviction and passion, however, we have to be resolute in our hearts to always keep the positive “nevers”, such as the ones listed above, operating in full swing in our lives and relationships. The thing to be careful for, is eliminating a positive “never” from our lives, because of the negative behavior, actions, and attitudes of other people, or, because we feel we are not receiving the same courtesies in return from others. Also, even if you feel others may be taking you for granted, ‘Never’ stop doing good.

Loving, giving, serving, forgiving, etc., are all things we should ‘Never’ give up on, regardless of the sometimes negative actions and attitudes of others. After all, we have not always treated God with the honor, reverence and dignity He fully deserves, yet He still says to all of us: “I will Never leave you nor forsake you.”

I’m so thankful that God ‘Never’ stops being God. Thank You Lord!

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