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“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 7/18/16


The bible is the world’s best-selling book. It has been said: “How wonderful it would be if the best-seller, was also the ‘best-read’ book in the world.”

All through history, there has been many great literary classics, novels, and poetic writings that both stimulate and stagger the imagination. But there is only one book that came from heaven, and that book is the bible, the true word of the living God. The bible is God’s personal letter of perfect love and perfect truth to humanity. And there is no situation in human life where it does not offer comfort, strength, guidance and instruction.

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In life, we face struggles, need breakthroughs, and desire achievements, that just plainly require a wisdom and a truth that is far above the earthly limitations of human wisdom and intellect. Of course, many books have been written that speak of religion, spiritual things, wisdom, motivation, love, and so on. But in each and everyone, it is easy to see, even in the greatness of the work, it still falls far short of the realm and reality of the eternal love and wisdom of God.

Just take a moment and think about the fact that God – wrote a book. And that book was written to us, not just for this life, but to prepare us for the life to come.

The best read on earth – is the book that came – from heaven.


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