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There was once a piccolo player in a very famous orchestra. In one song he only had one note to play. He decided since he only had one note – it wasn’t worth tuning up his piccolo or even playing that note – because no-one would miss it.

At concert time – the conductor raised his baton. When it was time for the piccolo player to play his one note – the conductor pointed to him, but he didn’t respond.  The conductor stopped the entire orchestra and said: “Where’s the piccolo player?

Many people struggle in life, and with God, because they feel they have not been given enough notes to play. They lose or relinquish their joy over to feelings of frustration, insignificance, unfairness, sadness, or insecurity. What is amazing about this little story are the unseen truths about the piccolo player.

Our life is the instrument that we play for God, our loved ones, our friends, and the whole world. Click To Tweet

First of all, he was a PICCOLO PLAYER! That is amazing in and of itself. Secondly, he was part of a very famous orchestra, equally amazing. Thirdly, this was just one song out of the many where he only had one note, whereas in the others, he had many notes to play. So we see that the struggle with life, or with God, is very unnecessary and unfair, because we choose to ignore all the blessings and the positives, and key in only – on the one note moments. But we have to remember something very important, everything we do is important to God – even the one note moments.

Another unseen factor in the life of the piccolo player was pride. He felt that the song requiring him to only play one note was unworthy of his time and talent. As a result, he did not prepare and was not ready. What he didn’t realize was how his one note, not only contributed to the fullness of the song, but also affected everyone else in the orchestra, including the conductor. Apparently, they all saw his note as massively important, even to the degree that his silence in that moment, created a deafening sour note that not only brought embarrassment to himself, but harmed the beauty of the song, and the beauty of the team work that goes into being an orchestra.

God has given each and every one of us a life to live. And He has poured wonderful, powerful and amazing gifts into each and every one of us. In a unique and precious way, our life is the instrument that we play – for God, our loved ones, our friends, and the whole world. Some days there are many notes to play. Other days may require only one note. Either way, the songs are equally lovely and our parts, be them many or only one – are equally imperative to the greatness of the sound, the experience – and the song.

Keep your instrument tuned up, and be prepared, because each day, God, the great conductor is pointing at you to play your part.

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