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Problems, not an easy topic, but a real one. Life is filled with problems, cares, and many challenges. And in the days in which we live, there are so many people who are burdened down heavy with problems and the cares of this life. The problems we face in life, are either the result of our own doing, or, the reality of what the world throws at us on a daily basis. Either way, God is there to help us, and see us through.

As I shared in a previous post, we sometimes wonder, “Does anyone really see what I’m going through – and – Does anyone really care?” We answered that question by realizing that God not only sees what we’re going through – and God not only deeply cares – but He also tells us to cast those problems, cares, trials, and burdens – upon Him. What an amazing offer!

Not so with the world. How many times have the self-help gurus, merchandisers, or the talking heads thrown a multiplicity of words, ideas, formulas and methods over the airways, guaranteed to solve the problems, ease the pressure, and take away the pain? Of course, it is all at a cost, and once you make your payment, in just about every case, you’re in it on your own.

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The enormous difference between the world, and what it has to offer, and God, and His amazing offer, is striking. With the world, you pay, and you’re on your own. With God, His love, and caring compassion costs you nothing, and He doesn’t place the burden on you, He tells you to place the burden – on Him! And, as He is working all things out to your benefit, He never leaves you on your own, or forsakes you. He walks with you, every step of the way.

God knows what we are able to handle and do on our own, and He knows what it is absolutely impossible for us to do on our own. The truth is, there are just some cares and burdens that mount up in this life that we cannot, and should not even try, to handle or carry on our own. And His wisdom helps us to discern the difference. There are day-to-day responsibilities and certain degrees of pressure that God strengthens us and empowers us to handle. Through His wisdom, and by His Spirit, He guides us and empowers us to be both successful and victorious in these endeavors. But when faced with burdens that are beyond our ability (Like the little boy with the huge stone), God then says to us: “Do not afraid! Don’t be discouraged…the battle is not yours, but God’s.” [2nd Chronicles 20:15].

When problems and cares are mounting – big or small – take God up on His holy, loving and powerful offer – cast those cares upon Him – and you’ll soon find, He not only sees and truly cares, but He also truly helps. And His help endures – forever.

‘Cast all your anxieties upon Him, because He cares for you.’ [1st Peter 5:7].

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