‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 6/27/16


Decisions Decisions – so many decisions! We are all faced with them on a daily basis. In fact, even if you decide not to make a decision, that, in and of itself, is a decision that you have made. It really is quite impossible to reach a number that could define and determine the amount of decisions we will need to make through life, small ones, and big ones. However, the strength, wisdom, and integrity of the decisions we make will surely determine the strength, wisdom, and integrity of our lives and future.

A key question then, is, how can we make decisions that will result in that which is beneficial, decent, honorable, steadfast and ultimately productive?

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A man named Nehemiah was faced with an important decision in front of a king. The stakes were high and the task was impossible without the power, favor, and wisdom of God. In that moment, he quickly lifted up his heart in prayer, and God guided his decision. As a result, Nehemiah went on to do mighty, supernatural and miraculous things in his life, that touched and changed a nation, the world, and generations until this very day.

See Nehemiah 1:4 – and the book of Nehemiah.

Decisions are a powerful responsibility. Decisions have consequences. They result in current, eventual, and eternal impact upon our lives, loved ones, future, and much that surrounds us. Please don’t leave God out of your decisions. Whether you have to make one in the moment, or over a period of time – let the eternal wisdom of God guide your heart.

As a result – your decisions will always lead you to success and victory!

Share a story about a ‘God-lead’ decision that led to victory and blessing.


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