“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 6/28/16


A story is told of a woman who was taken to see the ocean for the first time. As she gazed upon it – tears began to run down her cheeks. A friend said to her, “What do you think of it?” The lady replied: “It is the first thing I have seen to which there seems to be enough”

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This reminds us of the vast unending power of God who created the oceans, the earth, the universe, the unending galaxies, and everything there is and beyond. When we take a moment to consider the great magnitude of God, we can very quickly realize that He is more than enough for every need and challenge we may ever have, encounter, or face.

It is also important to recognize that there is no issue or problem, great or small that God will not help us with. He is there for us, walking with us, and loving us every step of the way. His resources are like His love, unending and unfailing. And remember, He is the “source”  of all resources. He never wants us to feel alone, outnumbered or overwhelmed. If darkness, turmoil, chaos, confusion, or worse, tries to come against you, look to the creator of Heaven and earth, the very one who said; “Let there be light..” and let His almighty power and love flow mightily into your life, and every situation you may face.

His strength, wisdom, love, power, grace, and joy will always be more than enough for any need we may ever face.

Share an experience of how God has been ‘More than enough’ for you.


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