‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 5/11/16


Children are under a lot of pressure every day – and – so are we. I love the saying, “No one is perfect, that’s why God made pencils with erasers.” Sometimes we let the smaller problems in life become major issues. In some cases – it’s ok to be an adult and still use a pencil.

I remember working on math problems with my son. The very best friend we had besides Jesus – was the eraser on the pencil. Slowly but surely we would work the problem out, and finally – we discovered the solution, the correct answer to the problem. Now, I see my son doing the very same thing with his sons. The answers and solutions are there, it just takes some time, AND PATIENCE, to get there.

Stress, tension, obsessing, worry, yelling, throwing things, slamming doors, or worse. Does any of this sound familiar? If we step back and take a serious, careful look at the things that are causing or releasing these issues in our lives, we would begin to realize that most of it just requires an eraser. Erase what? Let’s start with the stress, tension, obsessing, worry, yelling, throwing things, slamming doors, or worse. All of these things distort and apply an unnecessary pressure to our hearts, minds, and perceptions. Rather than thinking, working, and ‘working things out’ with a clear perspective, we are being governed by the pressure.

‘Let the peace of God rule in your hearts..’ [Colossians 3:15]

 When you invite God into your heart, all that He is – comes with Him. Peace, mercy, wisdom, love, guidance, just to name a few, are now working within you – for your benefit. There is no problem at all, that He will not walk you through, and see you through. Many times, we have rushed in with the ‘ink’ of our own understanding, and self confidence., and as a result, came to the wrong conclusions. Thank God He has an eraser that causes even the ink of our past mistakes, to no longer rule our present day opportunities, and our future.

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Tell your children – and yourself – Take the pressure off, turn the pencil upside down, and try again one more time. But this time, with God on your side.


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  1. EXCELLENT words of wisdom Pastor!! As a teacher I find I have a lot of patience with my students…. but by the time I get home from school and swim practice, I am EXHAUSTED and have zero patience left to work on schoolwork… and everyone and everything gets on my nerves!!! Maybe if I walk around with an eraser in my pocket I will remember this a little better!!

    • David Hirsch (Author)

      Hi Danielle! Thank you for your AWESOME last two comments. Real, from the heart, and filled with Ministry! I know you are a giving, caring person and a phenomenal Mom! Thanks for your participation – it makes a big difference!

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