Bad day

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 5/3/16


Are you already having a bad day, and it has barely even started? Isn’t it amazing, at times we haven’t even wiped all the sleep out of our eyes, and we’re already faced with or dealing with one issue or another.

Here’s the solution. Dedicate your entire day to God. In so doing, all the negative issues now belong to Him. This may sound too ‘simple’ to be true, but that is the beauty and blessing of it – it is simple – and – it works. You can be sure that the One who created the day – knows how to take care of every issue you will face today. It is an amazing thing how we always seem to consider God in the realm of the ‘emergency’ moments, or the ‘heavy’ issues of life, yet we do not see that He also desires to share our time and our days with Him. This – is Love! Now, don’t worry, God is neither dysfunctional nor insecure. He does not improperly “crowd’ us in a way that is bizarre or inconsistent with the perfection of His nature. He is doing this for our benefit, flowing out of His love for us.

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Now, this is both good and necessary, because God yearns to reveal Himself to us in ‘every’ situation. Through this, we can learn the blessing of His desire to show forth His grace, mercy, and redeeming love, just through the simplicity of daily fellowship.

God loves us. He wants to walk with us, every step of the way. He guides us, He teaches us, He warns us of danger, He gives divine wisdom to guide rightly our decisions. Bad days turn to amazing days filled with growth, progression, supernatural assistance, and a realization that there is something available to all of us, far better than anything this world has to offer.

‘This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it,’ [Psalm 118;24]

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