‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 5/2/16


A man once said: ‘Trust yourself, and then you will know how to live.’ I’m not sure if you surveyed people in addiction, or prison, or a thousand other heavy broken life and broken dream scenarios, that quote would ring true in their lives. Most of today’s thinking and ideology seeks to promote the idea of self trust, self reliance, self promotion and self centeredness. Many even take it to the place of self worship, although much of the aforementioned borders and produces exactly that. There are religions being made tragically popular today which promote the denial of God and promote the exaltation of self. Yet, over and over again, the results are disastrous. Sadly, this approach has been around for thousands upon thousands of years, but man refuses to see the continued consequences and unending tragedies.

When man looks only to himself, denying and dismissing God, the results will always be the same. Click To Tweet

It doesn’t take long to look around the world today and see the negative, damaging, and destructive outcome of lives, families, people, even nations, who placed their trust in the limitations and shortcomings of men, be it themselves, or others. When man looks only to himself, and denies, dismisses, or devalues God in his thinking, the results will always the same. The scripture is true; we will ‘reap what we sow.’

But when a person turns to God, entrusting His life and future in the hands of the one who created the heavens and the earth, there, and only there, is where you will find the blessing. Here is an eternal quote that is 100% fail proof:

‘Blessed is the one whose trust is in the Lord.’ [Jeremiah 17:7]

So let’s clear it up – ‘Trust God, and then you will know how to live.’ I’ll choose the blessing any day!





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