We must learn to never let difficulty chase away God’s intended blessing for our lives.

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Albert Einstein said: ‘In the middle of every difficulty is an opportunity.’ This is very true – but the opposite is also true – ‘In the midst of every opportunity is a difficulty.

Sadly, many people walk away from great opportunities because they were not ready for, or willing, to take the difficulties that came with it. God tells us to sit down first and count the cost, taking all things into consideration, even potential hardship, before moving forward. This way difficulty, wont chase away – your blessing. We must learn to never let difficulty chase away God’s intended blessing in our lives. Difficulties are just a natural and practical part of life.

A great error in Christian Evangelism is the approach that somehow seeks to assure people that their walk with the Lord will be a garden full of roses with no thorns or problems whatsoever. The tragedy is, once the new believer encounters difficulty, he or she becomes disillusioned with the previous promise that was made. Normally, the reaction will be to walk away from the faith saying it was misrepresented and just simply doesn’t work. What a sad outcome to what should have been a lifetime of a growing and maturing relationship with the Lord that learns the principles of love, victory, and wisdom ‘in the midst’ of all hardship and challenges!

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God, has never in His word promised us a ‘trouble free’ existence. But He did assure us that He would be with us and walk us into sure and certain victory over any mountain we must either climb or remove from our lives and future- including any valley we may have to go through.

God is faithful and worthy to be praised – in the good times – and in the hard times. Once we learn this truth and walk in it, we will never again be easily shaken, or perhaps miss the blessing and move of God upon our lives. We will surely encounter difficulties and challenges along the way. But think about it, what is it that the power of God cannot handle?! Easy answer there – nothing!

Opportunities will bring difficulties – but the presence of God in our lives brings wisdom, power, and sure and certain victory! In fact, the difficulties are part of the ingredients that will bring you into spiritual success every time. Hold on to Jesus, and don’t let go! You will always see the power and salvation of your God.

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