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‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message 4/13/16


You may have heard the saying: ‘Singing is praying twice.’ Now some folks say, well that’s it for me because I just can’t sing. But all that matters to God is that you pray. You can talk or sing or even direct your thoughts to Him.

God’s not interested in you being in the right key, He just wants you to be in a right relationship – with Him.

It is very hard to explain why participation in prayer, ‘dialogue with God’ is so difficult for people to embrace, enjoy and desire daily. After all, it is a conversation with the Lord. Perhaps a portion of the dilemma lies in the fact that many people feel that prayer is a ‘Sunday morning’ thing, or only for ‘religious’ occasions. And even then, the praying is normally left up to the ministers, or those who ‘know how’ to pray, or, ‘always pray’.

However, if we would be willing to accept that God desires fellowship with us, perhaps we would be a bit more willing to take that precious time and talk with the Lord. As I have stated in previous posts, for sure, prayer is not a ‘one sided’ conversation. We may have people in our lives that we speak to, who say relatively nothing in return, if anything. But this cannot be our template for how God deals with us. God loves us, hence, He loves to hear from us. We think it’s only about bringing ‘the problems’ to Him. Well, we need to, that’s for sure, because only His holy wisdom will give us an accurate and effective answer. But prayer is also, simply talking with Him. Telling Him your heart, your dreams, your desires, your hopes, your goals, your prayers for yourself and others, and so much more.

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Singing to Him or about Him is great. Reading His word out loud is also magnificent, godly, and powerful. But when we just open our hearts, or mouths, and speak with Him, as we would a loving Father, friend, and confidante, we very quickly find that there is something both fulfilling, and desirable in this experience. Once you hear His voice, His unmistakable supernatural response, you will never have to be motivated by others to pray again. And once you see His mighty power operating in your behalf, you will carve out every possible segment of time available to you to commune with the Lover of your soul.

Don’t let the world, entertainment, or any distorted voice fool or deceive you. God’s not dead, and God answers prayer.

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