‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 2/7/16

My wife and I love to feed the birds. During the last huge snow storm, we cast a ton of seed into the snow where we normally feed them.

As I was casting the seed into the snow, I was kind of bummed out because all the seed disappeared. It had fallen down beneath about 16-20 inches of freshly fallen snow. I thought, “Man, they’ll never find it!” 10 minutes later, here’s all these birds diving below the snow and feasting on the seed. Even the squirrels found the buffet.

God’s blessings are the same way. They may not always be visible, but if your willing to dig a little below the surface, you’ll find they’ve been there all along, In great abundance. There a two principles that come to mind here.

The Bible is the seed of Truth that God has sown into the realm of humanity. Click To Tweet

First is the principle of sowing seed. We all know that when you plant a seed, it then becomes invisible to us. In other words, it is now below the surface and we can’t see it. However, even though we can’t visibly see it, all the supernatural and miraculous activities that God has created and ordained and placed into nature, is now at work. Somehow, in a way that only the living God could have designed, the seed breaks open, and begins to take on a new form, making it’s way ever closer to the surface to explode into the light of day. Wow! This is a beautiful description of the Christians life in being born again. Our old lives are sown into the soil, ‘Crucified with Christ and therefore buried with Him.’-  and then the new creation of our lives breaks through and begins to grow – ‘Resurrected with Christ’ – ‘When a person is in Christ he is a new creation, the old things pass away, behold, all things become new.’ (2nd Corinthians 5:17). Born Again.

Secondly, Gods Word! The Bible is the seed of Truth that God has sown into the realm of humanity. All of God’s treasure, truth, wisdom, grace, guidance, blessing, provision, health, comfort, strength, power and healing – just to name a few – are all there and available to us. But like the birds in the snow, if we don’t ‘Dig in’ and get below the surface, it all remains invisible to us. In order to feast upon the goodness of God, whether in good times, or in the midst of storms, we have to dig in and discover all that God has prepared for us. And there is always a never ending, vast, and eternal supply. Not to mention it is in God’s Word where you find the immeasurable blessing of His Son Jesus, and the everlasting life that He purchased for us, with His own blood 2000 years ago.

Share a story of how you dug in and found a hidden truth that was revealed to you through God’s word.


  1. Hey David, I met you at Sullivan’s Auto last week. I’m feeling your message about receiving the unexpected blessing when you stay faithful and plant the seed of God in your life. I’m still looking for a church in my area, which is mount rainier, md.. If you have any suggestions for a church in my area or close to here that I could attend, I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • David Hirsch (Author)

      Hello James. Great to hear from you!! I will certainly look into it and get back to you. Have a safe and blessed week!

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