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‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/31/16


Time management! That’s a tough one. It seems like there’s always more to do, than time allows. It can also be frustrating because the things we ‘want’ to do – get swallowed up by the things we ‘have’ to do.

But God helps us by teaching that in life: there’s a ‘time’ – for everything. ‘A time to work, a time to play – a time to weep, a time to laugh – a time to keep, a time to give – even a time for silence, and a time to speak.’ [see Ecclesiastes 3:1-8].

Time is not a predator following us through life. Click To Tweet

Time is not a predator following us through life. When our time is in God’s hands and God’s will, we realize that it is a wonderful servant to us. It serves us, and assists us to enjoy, fulfill, and experience the awesome wonder of the life that He has given to us.

God created and controls time. When he lovingly formed and fashioned us in the womb, He also ordained all the necessary time we would need to fulfill His perfect will for us. This life, His will for us, is full of joy, strength, understanding, wisdom, love, fun, impact, purpose, challenges and victory. However, If we seek to live our lives according to our own wills and dictates, we will very quickly find that a massive amount of time is both misused, and wasted. This is among the greatest tragedies in human life.

The greatest decision we can ever make, is to give God our time. Once we do, we are immediately blessed with the fact that He gives us all the wisdom and divine help we would ever need to manage our lifetime with joy – and balance.


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