A dog with cone on its head.

‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/30/16


Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t reach that goal you’ve set, or get that one important thing done that you just really want to finally  get done?

I recently saw a picture of a good friend’s dog after surgery. They put one of those ‘lampshade things’ on his head. No matter how hard he tries, he wont be able to get to the place that needs to heal. It may be frustrating, and take some time, but it’s necessary.

I’ve found over the years that sometimes God puts that ‘lampshade thing’ on our heads – not to hurt us, but to help us. If I had about a thousand years, I could just barely begin to share how many times I’ve seen, the ‘lampshade thing’ on our heads. However, in a beautiful way, it demonstrates that we are just simply wanting to serve the Lord, be involved, get important things done, reach goals, and operate in faith. However, in the process, there will be the need for some ‘spiritual surgery’ from time to time in our lives.

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What exactly is ‘spiritual surgery’ anyway? It is those times and seasons in our lives when God needs to accomplish a few things within us. One of them is ‘slowing us down’ a bit (in fact, my friend’s dog name is – ‘Bit’), in order to bring some repairs on injuries we suffer along the way of faith and walking with the Lord. Many times these injuries come because we are moving faster then God intended, and as a result, we sprain an ankle, or break a bone etc. After the surgery, we want to get right back up, get going again to reach that goal, and in the process, aggravate the injury. But in His love, God knows we need time to heal properly, so here comes the ‘lampshade thing’ on our heads. No matter how hard we try, we can’t aggravate the healing process.

Another reason for spiritual surgery is the result of injuries we suffer by the actions and words of others. Many times these types of injuries go deeper into the heart. God knows we need the gentle touch of His loving hands, giving us the necessary time for inward reparation and healing. Nobody understands this kind of injury more than Jesus. Think of the cross, and all that surrounded it.

In either case, God’s approach keeps us from aggravating or worsening any kind of injury we suffer along the way, and brings about full, whole, and complete healing. As a result, we now have the spiritual strength, stamina, and resources necessary to embrace all that God has called us to do, and steward those blessings and privileges with maturity, wisdom, and grace.

God’s methods, process, and timing are perfect. But we must accept that all of it flows out of His unfailing love for us. Our responsibility is not trying to force or maneuver the ‘lampshade thing’ off of our heads. When things seem out of reach – Trust God – there’s always a reason.


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