‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/29/16


Have you ever set out to do something, and been disappointed? No doubt, we’ve all dealt with disappointment.

My good friend and Legendary guitar player Phil Keaggy, wrote a song called, ‘Disappointment, His appointment.’

By changing the letter D with an H – it went like this: ‘Disappointment – His Appointment – change one letter then I see, that the thwarting of my purpose – is God’s better choice for me.’

There are times of disappointment that truly sting us to the core. From the actions and words of loved ones and friends, to lost opportunities, to relational hardships etc. However, many disappointments are rooted in the fact that we seek to own and control every aspect of our lives. We make the plans, we determine the timeframes, we plot the strategies, we write the drama, we determine the actors, and then we write, direct, and produce the script and the action. When things don’t go our way – we walk away disappointed.

There is a vast difference between wanting the total control and authority of one’s life, and seeking the Lord for His perfect will for our lives. Personal control leads to disappointment simply because things didn’t go the way we planned. There is a tremendous amount of pride in this, because many people are more upset that it didn’t turn out the way ‘they planned it’, then they are upset or disappointed that things didn’t turn out.

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However, placing our lives, plans, future and family before the Lord and His will not only almost wipe out the matter of disappointment, but when and if it does strike at our heals we are reminded of something wonderful. When we place Disappointment in God’s hands – we soon find it was working out for our benefit – all along. ‘All things work together for good, to those who love God, and are the called according to His purposes.’ (Romans 8:28).

Our Purposes are sure to lead to many disappointments. But living a life according to God’s divine and loving purpose for us, always leads to victory! There may be disappointments along the way, but knowing we are in God’s will, and desiring His will shines the light on the greater truth that God is NEVER caught off guard, NEVER makes mistakes, nor is he ever disappointed in us.

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