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‘Something To Think About’ B101.5FM Radio Message – 1/28/16


Michelangelo said, “Genius, is eternal Patience.”

I’ll never forget gazing upon the genius of Michelangelo while in Rome. From his sculptures – to the ceiling of the Sistine chapel – just incomparable brilliance.

Can you imagine ‘his’ patience? He must have had a thousand temptations to give up and walk away – but for centuries the whole world has benefitted from his patient endurance in the face of many hardships.

It is almost impossible to list the many ills and wrongdoings in society, family, politics, relationships, business, etc., because of a lack of patience. Actions that are taken, decisions that are made as a result of a lack of patience, would all, without exception, have been done differently had the person or persons taken the necessary time to truly evaluate, assess, and think things through with the virtue of patience.

That’s just a portion of the more negative side of patience. Then there are the dreams unfulfilled, goals unreached and visions unrealized because of just simply giving up for lack of patience. Some suffer ‘every now and then’ from a lack of patience, while others without doubt are ‘repeat offenders.’

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There are many contributing factors for having a lack of patience, or, having no patience at all. With all the factors that could be identified and analyzed, the important question is, how do we get patience operating in our lives. And not just every now and then, but at the very least, most of the time. To begin with, we have to rightly identify where true patience is found, because anything less than true patience will fail us in those important moments when we need it the most.

God teaches us in His word that true patience is a ‘fruit of the Spirit’ – (Galatians 5:22). In other words, it is an aspect and expression of Jesus. No one in human history demonstrated and exemplified patience more than Jesus. Throughout His life, and especially through the agony of the cross, we see in perfect living color – patience. For any and all who require and desire patience in their lives, actions, decisions, vocabulary, relationships etc., we must simply ask the Lord for it. Even our love for one another would be expressed in a truer way. Why? Because we also learn in God’s word that ‘Love – is Patient. ‘(1st Corinthians 13:4).

Each day you’re working on a masterpiece. It’s called your life. If you’re in need of patience – ask God – that’s where Michelangelo got his. Think about it.


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