‘Something To Think About’ B101.5 FM Radio Message – 1/14/16


So here we are in a brand new year, 2016. How are you doing with it?

There’s a story of twin sisters who were over a hundred years old. Each morning they woke up; one said – “Oh yes Lord, another morning – thank you!” – the other said – “Oh no Lord, another morning – thanks a lot!”

That’s funny, and yet, so true. It is not so much in what’s taking place or what’s happening as much as it is how you’re looking at it that can really make all the difference. How are you looking at this new year? Is it filled with hope and dreams, a desire to do things you’ve never done before, go places you’ve never been before, help and serve like you’ve never helped and served before? Is it filled with new possibilities? Are you even looking forward to it? Or perhaps, not so much.

It can be difficult, especially with the conditions of the world in which we live, with poverty, the constant threat of terrorism, war, economic uncertainty etc., to engage the challenges that can, and will come in this new year. It can be even more difficult if some of those challenges include personal hardships. There are several factors that contribute to the apprehension and lack of enthusiasm to taking on another year. One of them is the feeling of, or the reality of, being alone. Being alone, and loneliness (the two are not always the same thing), weigh heavy on people’s hearts and minds. That feeling of no one to help, no one to laugh with, no one to share it with, no one to turn to when the pressure is on, no one to cry with, no one to depend upon, no one to trust, can certainly be a dark cloud above anyone’s life trying to move forward day by day into another year. Perhaps the dear old sister in our story felt alone, which contributed to her gloomier outlook.

‘There is a greater truth than the fact of being alone, or loneliness.’ Click To Tweet

The fact of the matter is, sometimes, in our natural and normal circumstances, people are alone. Just reading this today does not suddenly or magically ‘pop in’ or ‘produce’ a wife, or a husband, or a friend. But the good news is, there is a greater truth than the fact of being alone, and loneliness. And that is the truth of the reality of God and His unfailing love. Never is there a day where He is not there to help, to share things with, to depend upon, to turn to when the pressure is on, to laugh with, to cry with and to trust. I’ve learned in my life that God is the ultimate and perfect friend!

Ecclesiastes 4 tells us: ‘Two are better than one…if either of them falls down, one can help the other up.’ (v. 9,10).

Jesus knows what it’s like to be alone and fall down. It happened while He was carrying the cross for us. After already being beaten and tortured, He now had to take that long brutal journey up that ancient Roman hill. Under the pain and weight of it all, He fell down. But in that moment, a man named Simon lifted the weight of the cross and for a few moments, helped the Lord. Jesus knows exactly how it feels to be alone. He promised to never leave us or forsake us. If you turn to Him, you will find He has been there, waiting for you all along.

There may be challenges ahead – but I love what Joan of Arc said: “I’m not afraid, I was BORN for this.” With all she endured in her life, she knew God was with her.

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