“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 6/20/17

Recently, my good friend Phil Keaggy, was once again voted in the top ten of being among the premier and greatest guitar players of all time. I immediately texted him a congratulation, with a little note that “the best was still to come.”

Have you ever achieved something wonderful and amazing in your life, only to think that now the best was behind you? There are many who are living day to day, with an inward sense that the best days of their lives were in their past. However, with God, nothing can be further from the truth. God is able to provide all the necessary graces we need to go forth and still do mighty things and mighty exploits in our lives, and for the sake of others. But the major pre-requisite for this reality is to ‘Know’ God:

“But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.’ [Daniel 11:32]

It is one thing to know facts that inspire, motivate, and compel you into doing certain things or attaining certain things. When these many ‘things’ are analyzed, in their final assessment, so much comes to nothing. However, when you know the living God, you are then promoted into the realm of His divine thoughts and purposes, and those things are eternal.

“God will provide all the necessary graces we need to go forth and do mighty things in our lives.’ Click To Tweet

Let Faith in God allow you to realize today that whether you have seen some dreams come true, or perhaps you’re still working on one – that the very best is still ahead. God wants to take you to higher ground, and He takes great delight in blessing His people. The great blessing however, rests in and depends upon knowing God and seeking and desiring His perfect will for your life and future.

Just knowing that all those who have placed their faith in God will have everlasting life in His presence, tells us that truly – “The very best is yet to come,”

Keep dreaming, keep working, and keep trusting in God!




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