“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 5/29/17

There’s an old saying, ‘Don’t add fuel to the fire.’ Another one says, “If you can, help put the fire out.”

In relationships, we many times add fuel to the fire of arguments, disagreements, even old grudges.

But through prayer, God can give us the heart, and the language to be
‘An instrument of peace.’

St. Francis said, “Where there is hatred I bring Love, where there is injury, I bring pardon.”

‘God can give us the heart, and language to be an instrument of peace.’ Click To Tweet

If you want things to change, get a hold of the unchanging power, love and word, of the Living God.

Ask God to give you the grace, patience, love and understanding to be an Instrument of His Perfect peace.

In Jesus Name…..


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