“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 5/23/17

There is the story of a man who bought an old house in the country. Every morning, while making coffee, his wife would look out the window hoping to see a deer.

Each morning she watched, and still no deer. After noticing his wife’s hope to see deer on their property, the man went out and bought a real deer look-a-like, and placed it – on Christmas eve – by a tree, right outside the window she would look out every morning.

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On Christmas morning, she looked out the window and screamed “Honey, come and look, there’s a deer in the yard.” Then, after looking a little longer, with a big smile she said – “Wait a minute!” At that moment he gave her a Christmas kiss and said, “Merry Christmas, now you’ll see a deer every day.” The family even named the deer, and he stands by that tree until this very day. (Not the husband, the deer.)

At the heart of this simple true story, do something special for the one you love!

‘Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.’ [1 John 4:7]



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