“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 5/1/17

One day Jesus approached Peter and asked him for the use of his boat to preach His message. Without hesitation, and gladly, Peter let the Lord step into His Boat.

If Jesus approached you to use something you possess for His purposes, would you, like Peter, immediately oblige Him? Or would you hesitate? We must all search our hearts and determine if there are things, or any ‘thing’ in our lives that we hold so dear, that we would be reluctant to give Jesus full use and full control.

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Peter was sure glad he did not hold back on the Lord, because on that same day, Peter went fishing with the Lord and caught the ‘Miracle catch’, (see Luke chapter 5) …Strangely enough, the night before, Peter fished all night and caught nothing. There is something of significant value to learn in all of this. If we look out for the Lord’s business, He will most certainly look out for ours – to overflowing!!



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