“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/25/17

I Like the guy who said: “I’ve learned so much from my mistakes – I’m thinking about making a few more.” I don’t think he’s speaking of harmful mistakes that hurt others, but definitely those mistakes we all make from time to time, and will continue to make in the normal course of life.

It’s important not to let life’s mistakes and mishaps get you down, or, cause you to beat up on yourself. In fact, Mistakes are an indication that you’re trying – and living! All through the Word of God, God lets us see real people, making real mistakes. For some, their mistakes were a place of learning, growing, and maturing. For others, mistakes became a place of constant regret, only to be repeated, and in even greater and more negative measure.

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What separates the two? A life that is lived as unto the Lord – or a life that is lived as unto self.
When we are walking with the Lord, determined to see His will accomplished in our lives, we have the benefit of His Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us in all times, and through all things – including our mistakes. God knows we are human beings – and human beings make mistakes. As a result, He is faithful to both teach us, and help us, to learn and even benefit from our mistakes.

‘Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him.’ [Psalm 37:24]

But a life that is only interested in living for, and pleasing self, will never have the benefit of the eternal wisdom of God operating in his or her behalf. Rather than genuinely learning and growing through mistakes, they just multiply and repeat themselves. This can all be remedied by inviting Jesus into our lives, hearts, and mistakes.

Living life is to make mistakes. But it is most important, in our mistakes, to ask God to help us to learn something valuable from each mistake –and then GROW –from there.


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