“Think On These Things” B101.5FM Radio Message 4/11/17

There is the story of a man who always felt like he never fit in. One day he was watching the stone-cutters building a Church. He noticed one stone that looked out of place. He approached one of the workers, “What about this one?”, he asked. The worker, pointed to a small gap at the top and said, “Do you see that gap up there?” to which the man replied, “Yes, I do.” “Well,” said the worker, “I’m going to shape this stone down here, so it will fit in perfectly up there.”

As he was leaving the man began to cry. He was filled with a sense of awe. He suddenly realized that God himself was speaking to him through this encounter with the stone cutter. In that very moment he said to himself, “I fit in – I’m just being shaped – by God!”

This story represents a beautiful description of God’s people. In fact, God tells us in His word that We are all like stones, which are alive, being cut and perfectly fit to make up a household of faith:

‘You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood..’ [1st Peter 2:5]

There are many who are living there lives every day, working, going, doing, earning, etc., yet, they feel like they are wandering aimlessly through life with no inward sense of fulfillment or direction. Like the man in the story, either never feeling like they fit in, or, always wondering ‘where’ they truly fit in. What a glorious day it is when a person finally realizes that God has specifically designed them, and destined them, to fill a specific and important ‘gap’ in this earth. And that without them, the glorious ‘building’ would not be complete.

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It is true, there is a time frame where it may not occur to us that this truth – is true – in our lives. This is the time frame defined by our not asking God into our lives to reveal His purpose for us. As a result, we may feel tossed or cast to the side, even left out of ‘the big picture’. But the truth is, the big picture cannot be completed until ‘we’ are fit into it by the hand of almighty God. You may feel left out, but God wants to reveal to us, through a sacred encounter with Him, ‘The Divine Stone Cutter’, that He has a perfect and beautiful plan for us.

Ask God to reveal His heart to you today, and His heart ‘for’ you. When you do, like the man who felt like he never fit in, God will open up your eyes and your heart and you will be filled with a sense of awe and wonder that will release a joy that this world cannot give you, and this world cannot take it away. Why? Because it comes from God who loves us with an unfailing love.


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