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“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 11/15/16

Is there someone in your life that no matter how much you do for them, or give them, it’s never enough? Is it hard for you to say, “No”?

For sure, this is a hard one to deal with. We have to be careful we’re not doing more harm than good, including the possibility of contributing to destructive behavior.

The key is to determine whether or not you’re giving and doing “more” than God expects you to do.

Only God can help us determine if we are doing more harm than good. Click To Tweet

In these situations, it is imperative that we seek and obtain solid and godly advice, and help, to work with this person. In so doing we are applying the wisdom of God rather than our own feelings, opinions or shortcomings. While working with others, we must always remember that only God’s wisdom, which we find in His word and with the help of godly and mature believers, will be truly effective. This is the only approach that leads to clear and certain victory, both in our lives, as well as relationships.

Rather than letting a negative or harmful pattern of behavior continue, on either side, why not let God into the equation. You, and they, will be glad you did.



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