“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 9/24/16

I want to share with all my friends, here in America, and around the world, that my good friend, the legendary Phil Keaggy, has just released a new album.

It’s called “All at Once.”

Go to PhilKeaggy.com for more info.

There’s a great instrumental called “Breathe.” It’s a powerful break in the middle of all the other amazing tracks with lyrics.

This instrumental break reminds us we need to take some time, in the midst of our busy, hectic schedules, and all of the noises of this life, and like the song title, “Breathe” a little bit. And there is nothing better on earth than to breathe in the pure, presence of God.

Take a moment or two and pray, talk to God, and catch your breath.


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