Christopher Columbus

“Something To Think About” B101.5FM Radio Message 8/10/16


Christopher Columbus said: “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Do you find yourself having to go somewhere you’ve never been before – or do something you’ve never done before? Maybe new surroundings, new responsibilities, new job, new school, new city, even a new challenge?

The reality of the unknown, and change – can be a bit scary. How about the very first day of school? Or being the new kid in a new school? Or the first time your Mom or Dad let go of the bike and you were “On your own, no training wheels”. Even in adult life, being the new person on the job, or any situation that completely takes us out of the previous or present comfort zone.

However, other than the reality of the unknown – there is the reality of knowing that if we want to move forward, we have to take that next step. And there is no greater place for faith to enter in, than those moments right before that next step is taken.

The good news is – your circumstances may be changing, new things and challenges may be on the horizon which are revealing the need for change – but God’s love and faithfulness never changes. He told us “I am the Lord and I do not change.” What a powerful truth that is! Even when changes come along, or have to happen. God’s unfailing love for us will never change!

Think of Moses leaving the house of Pharaoh to learn the heart and will of God on the backside of the desert. Before him was Abraham leaving his home to go to a place that he had never been. How about the disciples leaving their jobs, their fishing boats, all they knew, to follow Jesus. And so many more men and women in God’s word who were called out of what “They knew” – into the unknown of what “God knew” was best for their lives and future.

Yet, when we read through this history, we find each and every time that God was completely faithful, and saw them through every challenge, every hardship, every scary moment, and every breakthrough and victory that blessed their lives – and changed the world.

From discovering a new world, or a new city, to changing the world, or your city – God will be with you, every step of the way.

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Share a time with us of how God saw you through a “big change” timeframe in your life. You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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